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Digital PianosDigital PianosAll digital pianos are fully weighted with 88 keys. Acoustic PianosAcoustic PianosThe heavier more furniture-like traditional type of piano.

Utah Piano Rentals Made Easy and Affordable

Pianos are one of the most popular and versatile instruments on the market. Unfortunately, they also tend to be large, expensive and difficult to move. If you don't have the money, space, or permanent place of residence that help make piano ownership possible, a quality Utah piano rentals can be the perfect solution to all of these problems.

At Heritage Piano Rentals,

we offer a large selection of both digital and acoustic rental pianos for only $39.99 to $60.00 a month. This service is not only affordable but convenient since we deliver the piano of your choice directly to your home or apartment once you've made your selection. Areas we service: Piano rentals Salt Lake City and Utah Valley areas.

Our location in Orem makes Heritage Piano Rentals a popular choice for BYU and UVU students who would like the luxury of having a piano in their own home, but students are certainly not the only ones who benefit from the services that we offer. For example, even established families that have the money and space for their own piano, often choose to rent our instruments until they are convinced that their children are dedicated to practicing and learning how to play.

In addition to the instruments and free delivery that we provide, we also have a list of capable and local teachers for our customers to choose from if you need a little help finding an instructor. And, if you know that would eventually like to buy a piano of your own, we also make it possible to put six months of rent towards that purchase.

To find a beautiful rental piano for your home, simply visit our Orem location or order online using the forms below. For more information, feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

Heritage Piano Rentals has served hundreds of customers. You can feel confident you'll be treated well and we strive for making renting a piano convenient. Piano rentals are the way to go if you aren't ready to buy.

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